In today's sports media world it can be tough to get an athlete to say anything outside of well-worn cliches and scripted messages.

Except if you're interviewing Brazilian surfer Wiggolly Dantas, apparently.

The 26-year-old goofy footer is one of the best waveriders on the planet, currently sitting in 14th position in the World Surf League rankings after a 15th placed finish in his debut season last year.

During his post-heat interviews on the tour he's always come across as an interesting - albeit softly-spoken - competitor, who is generally respectful of his opponents and his place in the world of surfing.


So it came as somewhat of a surprise when Stab Magazine - which describes itself as a "sophisticated men's interest magazine with an emphasis on high-performance surfing" - published an interview with Dantas on Tuesday (NZT) titled "A voyage into the Brazilian appetite".

If you were wondering if the piece explored the Ubatuba native's love of Brazil's world-class barbecue or native dishes like moqueca (a fish stew) or acaraje (a deep-fried patty of black-eyed peas and pureed onions), you were wrong.

Dantas was there to talk about how he satisfies an appetite of a different kind. That's right, a world-class athlete with fans, sponsors - and by the looks of his Instagram page a steady partner - agreed to discuss his sex life. In explicit detail.

Stab started by asking Dantas about the time he lost his virginity. "My first time was at home, I was like 12 or 13 years old. It was with my girlfriend at the time. We were both young and it was her first time, too," he said. "I remember that I turned the radio on and Bob Marley was playing. It was the very first time I ever listened to Marley - two firsts in the same day! Whenever I hear a Bob Marley song, I remember my first time."

A reasonably tame start, but there was much more to come. Dantas gave his opinion on dirty talk ("It's always welcome"), older women ("They get down to business. You do whatever you want, they say yes and still ask for more") and latex ("Condoms are good to avoid babies and disease. You need them. But I'll never use condoms with my girl, catch my drift").

And it only got worse. We won't include specific detail of the more risque revelations, but let's just say Dantas discussed things like threesomes, pleasure beads, anal sex, foliage and his favourite positions.

It came so far out of left-field Stab's readers - who are famous in their own right for their, shall we say, colourful language - were wondering if the whole exercise was a troll.

But what can you expect from a man who revealed his mother owns a sex shop in his hometown?

Stab's Facebook followers were split over the piece.

"That was the worst article I think I've ever read in my entire life, and I'm serious!" Karl wrote. "Is this crap from Cosmo? I have surf stores and imaging from Tahiti, Indian Ocean, tribal areas out of bounds, and your editor choose this article! Your kidding right? Stick to surfing, or I'm going to be the next editor!"

"Well my kids won't ever be checking you guys out anymore," Glenn added. "Nor will my shop promote you in any way ... think next time, kids read this."

But others applauded. "One of the realest interviews I've read in a while lol thanks," Diomar wrote.