Money owed to Jarryd Hayne prompted a heated falling out between two Eels officials.

Documents obtained by the Australian reveal the shambolic nature of the club's operations and expose the murky details surrounding payments of $225,000 to the code-hopping superstar.

Testimony given by former Eels chief executive Scott Seward to the NRL Integrity Unit during its salary cap investigation into Parramatta reveals promised payments to Hayne sparked an incredible disagreement between Seward and chairman Steve Sharp.

Seward told the NRL he attempted in October or November, 2014, to organise for Hayne to be paid the full $225,000 promised to the former Eels No 1 in a deal put together by the previous board of directors chaired by Roy Spagnolo, who was voted off the Parramatta Leagues Club board following an election in May 2013.


He told the integrity unit he was under the impression he had to pay Hayne the outstanding amount in order to secure an agreement that Hayne would return to the club if he decided to come back to the NRL from the NFL.

He claimed then-chairman Steve Sharp did not support his efforts to pay Hayne because the dual Dally M player of the year had already announced he was signing with the San Francisco 49ers.

It led to an extraordinary argument between the pair.

Seward claims Sharp wanted the club not to honour the "heads of agreement" deal contained within Hayne's file at the club's headquarters.

"He's gone now. F*** him. It's not your problem," Sharp said, according to Seward.

Seward replied: "Well it's because it says heads of agreement between Jarryd Lee Hayne and the Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club and I'm the CEO right now and you're the chairman right here, right now.

"We have to fix it. We have to do something to fix this bloody thing. You can't keep blaming everybody.

"For once, take some f***ing responsibility around here. You are the chairman. You like to walk around and say you're the chairman. Well start acting like it and stop making it my problem because, you know what? I didn't sign it either. I didn't make any of those agreements, but I'm the poor prick that has to fix them. It's bullshit."

Seward and former Eels football manager Jason Irvine both informed the NRL integrity unit of one payment of $30,000 made to Hayne. Seward claimed the payment was just one of many made to the 28-year-old.

The payments were all made to strengthen the club's position to sign Hayne when he returns to the NRL.

The Eels are reportedly the frontrunner to sign the former NFL running back despite the club still trying to finalise the release of star playmaker Kieran Foran.

Because he is not currently a registered NRL player, Hayne is eligible to sign for an NRL team immediately for the remainder of the 2016 season.

The man himself today said he is unlikely to simply sign with one of the clubs at the top of the NRL ladder in pursuit of an NRL grand final victory.

When asked if he would consider signing with the Melbourne Storm for the rest of this season, Hayne said he doesn't think he'd be able to follow NBA star Kevin Durant's lead.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder forward stunned the NBA this off-season by signing with the runner-up Golden State Warriors, who set a new NBA regular season record of 73 wins this year.

The NRL is not his only option. He may even have more options than Super Rugby, French Rugby or Japanese Rugby.

A friendly sledging exchange with Wallabies friend Quade Cooper escalated on Tuesday morning when Hayne challenged the failed Australian Sevens star to join him at a trial with the Western Sydney Wanderers A-League club.

Hayne's light-hearted A-League boast is unlikely to strike fear into NRL boss Todd Greenberg or the Parramatta Eels, but it might give the Australian Rugby Union a little bit of hope they can jag the biggest free agent in Australian sport right now.

It all began with a little bit of Fifa 16 chest thumping from Hayne and quickly escalated into a high-stakes wager.

While the Wanderers signing Hayne appears as likely as Nick Kyrgios winning the ATP Tour's Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award, Beavis told the Daily Telegraph on Monday Hayne is exploring all options.

"I haven't had the conversation with him," Beavis said.

"His options are rugby league locally, rugby league overseas, rugby union locally, rugby union overseas.

"It is just a matter of what he wants to do."

Beavis also confirmed it is unlikely NRL clubs, including Parramatta, will be able to match the money overseas rugby codes will be able to throw at him.