The College Sport app, and its offshoots, is growing in popularity.

The app, introduced over three months ago in association with Mike Jones and his team at The Sporting Agency, has had over 4000 downloads, and College Sport would love this to hit five figures.

"Schools have got their own individual apps, which helps put teams together and keep parents informed," says College Sport chief executive Dave Currie. "Ours is going to be the centre of the universe around draws and results and location maps."

Not to mention rules, regulations and bylaws, and access to the College Sport Weekly newsletter, which brings together all the stories and information from the school sporting week. This goes out to all stakeholders and schools.


"We're delighted and it's really starting to get traction. If parents want to have better, quicker, faster information, then download the app," says Currie.

The app has made life easier for the perennially overworked school sports co-ordinators. Westlake GHS director of sport Dean Flyger has seen his school's personalised app come in very useful at short notice.

"It's definitely made a difference to our communications," he said. "It's another vehicle we can use and it's almost instant. On a day like [last Wednesday], when the weather was really dodgy and there is a blanket cancellation for all football, we can put it straight out there, which saves us a lot of time. There is no need to leave the computer screen. After all, phones are the office these days.

"Our own app has a lot of the same icons as the College Sport one. A group of our students provide feedback on things we can put up there to make it more effective."

The College Sport Auckland app for your mobile phone can easily be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone, Android and Windows.

*Currie will step down in October at the completion of his two-year contract. Advertising has begun for his replacement.