A dislocated finger means Issac Luke could no longer wear his wedding ring, but last week the Warrior found the perfect alternative.

Now the 29-year-old Warrior proudly wears a tattoo of a ring on his finger, featuring the initials ML for his wife Mickayela Luke.

"She is pretty much the backbone of my whole career, so to be able to take her out there with me is special," Luke told NRL.com.

"I can't wear my wedding ring on this finger, so I just got it tattooed on.


"She loved that (NBA star) Steph Curry did it, and his wife has done it, so I think she wanted me to do it as well."

Earlier this year Luke also paid a public tribute to Mickayela and newborn daughter Frankie, with three gestures on the field after making his first try of the Warriors season.

The first one was to make the letter 'M', the second was as if he was rocking a baby and he blew a kiss with the third.

At the time, his wife was in hospital with the couple's newborn baby.

"This last week has been tough for our little family," the 28-year-old Luke wrote.

"But am proud to say that our little angel is getting better.

"M representing my wife@mickayelaluke who has been the ultimate souljah in being next to our little angel all week in hospital.

"I am in awe of the special things you do for our babies. And the baby cradle is my lil angel. Daddy will be home soon to get some cuddles from you."

My Ladies. 😍❀️❀️ #Mama #Avarni #Frankie

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