This is not Twitter's finest hour.

In fact, it's one of the social media giant's worst moments.

29-year-old Riley Curry, from Nashville, USA, can confirm this.

Thanks to Twitter, he's been mistakenly identified as NBA superstar Stephen Curry's three-year-old daughter Riley. And it happens daily. And it's ruining his life.


Yes, believe it or not, this is happening.

Here's just some of the things horribly wrong about this story.

Firstly, some NBA fans appear to believe a three-year-old girl would have snapped up the Twitter handle @rileycurry.

Secondly, these same pork chops believe a three-year-old girl, famous for hijacking her father's post-match press conferences, is in some way deserving of criticism.

Thirdly, in order to carry out the act of criticising a three-year-old girl, the same peanuts believe the best way to send disgusting, inappropriate messages to a three-year-old is to send it to this same Twitter handle.

Here's a taste of what poor Riley Curry - 29-year-old, Nashville, Riley - has been copping.

Fortunately, these boneheads were outfoxed by their own incompetence and Riley - three-year-old Riley - will never know about these vile messages.

Unfortunately, poor Riley - Nashville dude - becomes the innocent victim.

It's not all bad news for him. His tweet about how 'awful' it is to be mistaken for a three-year-old girl has certainly given him his 15-seconds of fame.

That tweet, which tagged in ESPN radio/television duo Mike and Mike had received more than 25,000 likes on Twitter at the time of publishing on Saturday.

Riley - NBA princess Riley - has previously come under fire from media commentators for disrupting her father's post-match press conferences.

Concerned at this trend of infant-scolding, feels it is important to remind NBA fans all over the world that Riley Curry - press conference menace, Riley - is in fact three-years-old and is in fact not fair game for social media trolls.

Not your best effort, Twitter.