The legend grows. World Cup winner Stephen Donald got a hero's reception at Waikato Stadium, as he inspired the below-strength Chiefs to smash the Welsh rugby side.

But the crowd's reaction left him torn: on one hand he wanted to acknowledge the love, on the other he felt compelled not to.

The veteran back, who departed before fulltime battered and bruised, told Martin Devlin on RadioSport's The DRS Show: "I was highly embarrassed by it all. I'm just one small cog in the wheel. At the same time I was humbled and grateful to the great people of Waikato for the reception I got.

"And I didn't want to (be) the fool who hot dogged it and then we keep the hands in the pockets and trudge off."


Listen: Stephen Donald talks to Martin Devlin

Donald praised his young forward pack, and said while training sessions may have lacked accuracy, the team was bursting with enthusiasm.

"We are not kidding ourselves. This means nothing towards a Super title but it was a great occasion which we will cherish forever," he said.

Donald revealed that a haka seen for the first time had been used privately by the Chiefs to celebrate milestones.