A day out at the footy isn't cheap. You've got tickets, transport, food and beers to pay for, and if your team loses, even more beers to drink away the pain.

But none of that matters when you walk away from the ground with $100,000 more in your bank account than you had when you walked in.

That was the story for one GWS Giants fan who stunned everyone with an incredible drop punt at three quarter time that earnt him the huge sum of money. Four tyres were stacked on top of one another and Paul Waterhouse had to kick a Sherrin from about 40 metres out and land it in the tiny opening.

Forget about kicking a goal to win a grand final, this was pressure.


But he obviously wasn't fazed, and aced the challenge, prompting the capacity crowd of more than 21,000 to go absolutely nuts. As AFL.com.au reporter Adam Curley tweeted: "drinks on that bloke".

Waterhouse, who traded in his Swans membership for a season ticket at GWS, also went nuts, channelling the Hayne Plane in his celebration before hugging his wife and daughter.

The lucky - and now, rich - fan can thank Giants sponsor Toyo Tires for the injection of funds courtesy of the kick for cash initiative.

Waterhouse's mood would only have improved when his side went on to beat the Swans 105-63 in a convincing display that will only enhance the newcomers' reputation as genuine title contenders this year.