Australian striker Tim Cahill thought he had scored the winner for the Socceroos with an 89th minute header in his side's football friendly against Greece last night.

With the scores locked at 0-0 in the 89th minute, Cahill got on the end of a corner delivered by Alex Gersbach and immediately ran to the crowd while removing his shirt.

Giving it a twirl, Cahill then ran past the crowd slapping hands before hoisting his shirt high in the air. It was hugely elaborate celebration, and it ended up being an embarrassing one.

As Cahill celebarated, the referee, opposition and his teammates all stood dead in the box.


The assistant referee had ruled that the corner crossed the goal line on its way into the box and was ruled out of play.

The Socceroos ended up scoring a winner later in the 93rd minute thanks to a strike by Mathew Leckie.