Duco bosses have been inundated with abusive emails following the Joseph Parker illegal streaming controversy.

Promoter Dean Lonergan, who branded those who illegally streamed the Parker-Carlos Takum fight last Saturday night as "low-lifes", said he had a tough hide but that female staff members at Duco were the staffers that were bearing the brunt of the abuse by having to open and read the emails.

"Some people are quite disgusting," he said. "I'd love them to come into our offices and try and use some of the language they are using in these emails. I bet not a single one of them would have the courage to do that. But they will hide behind their keyboards and throw out the sort of language that if you used it in the streets, you would be thrown in jail.

"A lot of them also hide behind anonymous email addresses which shows their true colours. They're also dumb if they think their identity still can't be chased."


Lonergan forwarded on some of the abusive emails to the Herald. They are too profane to publish.

One censored one read: "More rigged corrupt bulls*** by the satanic inbred bankers. shame on you low life mongrels."

Lonergan said he had more important things to deal with than "clowns with enough intelligence to create an email address but little more than that" but added that Duco has a number of female staffers and they should not have to deal with the abuse.