Scott McLaughlin is odds-on to jump into a driver's seat at DJR/Team Penske with the future of his current team, Garry Rogers Motorsport, in doubt after Volvo Sweden announced it will quit Supercars.

Just days after being told he had been given a multi-year extension to race the S60 by Volvo Australia, Rogers was left stunned when the Swedish car giant's global arm knocked back the deal because they did not want to race with a V8 engine.

It is understood Rogers had struck a deal with Volvo Australia before being delivered the shattering news when a team representative travelled to Sweden to "sign" the extension.

In what looms as an ugly battle, one of Volvo's four racing arms is threatening to stop the team from using their engines and intellectual properties after Rogers said he would continue racing the S60s next year.


Rogers though has not given up hope of doing a deal with Volvo Australia.

"Polestar have not been with us at all this year," Rogers said after an official announcement from racing arm Polestar began the future funding crisis.

"That was not news. I would be surprised if we were not in Volvos next year. There is Volvo Australia, Volvo Sweden, Cyan Racing and Polestar. They are all very different things. It is very very confusing."

However, V8 sources claim Volvo has abandoned the sport.

V8 Supercars last week announced a rebranding to "Supercars" in a bid to stop companies like Volvo from quitting in a changing global environment.

"That certainly shows our rebranding to Supercars is the right choice," said Supercars CEO James Warburton.

"We are moving forward to having total optionality for manufacturers from 2017. It is the right way to go.

"We are hopeful that a company like Volvo will reconsider when they full look at the new generation proposals and framework. They certainly could come back into the field."

In better news for the sport, Holden hinted they would renew while Nissan said the Volvo decision would not influence their future in the sport.

No manufacturer is signed beyond this year.

"We are constantly reviewing our sponsorships to ensure they fit with the evolving Holden brand," said a Holden spokesman.

"As we've said previously, we're taking a look at our motorsport program. Volvo's announcement has no impact on our decision. Holden intends to maintain a significant presence in Supercars, and when that process is finalised we will announce our plans."

Nissan are still considering their future.

"It does not affect the decision making process at all," said a Nissan spokesman.

While Rogers remains buoyant about rescuing his Volvo deal, the heavy cloud cast from Sweden may force his 22-year-old gun to leave the team as DJR/Penske and the Holden Racing Team war for his signature.