Tyson Fury has stoked the fires of controversy surrounding his July rematch with Wladimir Klitschko by labelling the former world champion 'a pussy and a boring old c***'.

Klitschko travels to the Manchester Arena to fight Fury on July 9 and the 40-year-old Ukrainian is in a training camp as he prepares to try to take back the WBA, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles.

Posting on Twitter, Klitschko said: 'I arrived at camp and I'm happy to get back to work and prepare for the battle. #NowMoreThanEver.'

Unprompted, Fury responded to his rival with the message: 'u are a pussy, & a boring old c***, be ready to fall bitchko.'


It is just the latest stage of the quarrelling between the pair that will add another loud bang to the box-office promotional drum for their rematch.

Fury is no stranger to an occasional foul-mouthed rant but even Klitschko resorted to similar tactics at a press conference last month when he said to Fury about his controversial comments: 'I want to say f*** off.'

The heavyweight rivals threw jibes at each other during a heated media event building up to July's big fight in Manchester with a topless Fury telling Klitschko that a fat man beat him.

Fury pulled off his black T-shirt, mocked his own physique and told his opponent he should be ashamed not to have won their original encounter in November in Dusseldorf.

'A fat man - that's who beat you. Shame on you,' Fury said. 'What's the point of practising your job for 40 years if you can't beat a fat man?

'You want to see some love handles? You want to see some belly fat?'

Klistchko is still struggling to comprehend how he gave up his heavyweight titles so meekly to a man he regards as an 'embarrassment' to the sport.

The latest offensive rant from the 'Gypsy King' will do little to quell the tension between the two warring sides.