A young Leicester City super fan went down on bended knee, with his hands clasped, in front of the TV as the final whistle blew signalling his favourite football club's first Premier League title.

The English football team secured the title without even playing when second-placed Tottenham drew 2 - 2 against Chelsea. It needed to win to climb to first place.

Nine-year-old Charlie Keyworth watched the whole match, even though he was fighting a tummy bug yesterday.

The schoolboy, who lives in Carterton with his Dad, Mike, has been a proud supporter of the team for six months, after learning his great-uncle Ken Keyworth played for the side in the 1960s.


His dad, said he was so excited as the game drew to a close he was right up in front of the TV, on his knees and clasping his hands as the final whistle blew.

"He was jumping around, diving on the sofa ... he was pretty ecstatic [when it was all over]."

Charlie said in the first half of the game, he wasn't convinced Chelsea would do enough to hold Tottenham back from first place.

But he said when Chelsea scored the second goal he knew things were looking good and when the whistle blew Charlie knew it was a done deal.

"I felt so relieved and happy, I felt like I was dreaming."

The draw secured the Premier League title in what's been touted as one of the biggest-ever triumphs by an underdog in sports.