Following celebrations of a new world record yesterday, 16-time world record holding freediver and current freediving world champion, William Trubridge decided to take it two metres deeper achieving his 17th World Record with a Free Immersion dive of 124 metres late last night (where he uses a rope to assist with descent and ascent).

These back-to-back successful attempts were achieved at Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas during the Vertical Blue event.

This is a different discipline to the one William will be attempting in July where he will attempt the ultimate sequel to a dive not achieved in 2014. To freedive unassisted to 102m in a single breath, into the deepest blue hole on earth.

Steinlager Pure brought the former Hawke's Bay man to the attention of New Zealand in December 2014, as Kiwis and fans around the world held their breath as he plunged into the dark waters of Dean's Blue Hole.


Steinlager Pure will be with all of New Zealand, rallying the support to will our world champion to the depths and back.