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NZME is kickstarting its Olympic Games coverage with the launch of She's Got Game, a fortnightly on-demand video show highlighting the incredible accomplishments of New Zealand's female athletes.

Launching tomorrow, exactly 100 days before the Rio 2016 opening ceremony, She's Got Game takes its name from women at the top of their sporting field.

She's Got Game will challenge the misconception that women don't care about sport by presenting sporting news in a way all genders can engage with. It will showcase interviews with Olympic athletes, cover the news and analyse the issues. It will feature rotating segments including 'Train Like a Girl', which will delve into the rigorous training schedules athletes follow, and 'Around the World' which will highlight performances overseas.

Radio Sport Sports Editor Rikki Swannell says: "With New Zealand's female athletes poised to dominate New Zealand's medal count in Rio, we want to ensure they get the coverage they deserve and that their profiles are raised in the lead-up to the Games. The Olympics will be the springboard for more female-focused sports coverage across NZME."


Swannell, who will host the show with New Zealand Herald chief sports reporter Dana Johannsen, says sporting news has long been dominated by male-focused coverage, and NZME is determined to become the leading voice in a space traditionally ignored.

New Zealand Olympic Committee chief executive Kereyn Smith is thrilled to see a focus on women's sporting endeavours and achievements.

"These athletes are the elite in their sport. They are phenomenal sportspeople who are incredible to watch, in addition to being inspirational. We have battled the disparity in coverage for women in sport for such a long time, so it's truly great to see NZME committed to highlighting these amazing athletes."

She's Got Game is just one of the initiatives NZME is rolling out in the lead-up to the Olympics: A 100-day countdown will appear on multiple NZME sites, accompanied by daily articles, analysis by NZME's data journalism department, profiles, special video presentations, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and, of course, comprehensive coverage of the games themselves.

According to Nielsen, NZME had the largest online audience for Rugby World Cup news in 2015 and more than three million people viewed NZME video content on Facebook.

Each episode of She's Got Game will be about 10 minutes long and available through the Herald's dedicated Olympic news section on nzherald.co.nz The first episode will be available from 10am tomorrow, April 28.