Warriors coach Andrew McFadden says fans have a reason to be angry following the team's embarrassing 42-0 to the Melbourne Storm on Anzac Day.

Talking to Daniel McHardy on Radio Sport's The Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast, McFadden admitted his side copped a hiding.

"It's been tough 48 hours after the game. Gutting to be honest. We really did underperform and the result was we got a hiding," he said.

"I'd say our feelings after the game were probably mirrored with the fans. A lot of frustration and certainly a bit of anger there as well. I was bitterly disappointed. We'd been working pretty hard on building our performances and understanding what works for us. We've had some glimpses of it. We had an opportunity on the weekend to stand up. Melbourne were very good but we didn't really fire a shot. The fans have a reason to be angry."


McFadden admitted a lot of the responsibility for the defeat rests with him.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking about our preparation, where we went wrong. It's my job to deliver that and get some consistency. First and foremost me, then responsibility has to come to players and I'll be making sure they are accountable for it."

"I have no doubt we can get back on track, that will be the easy bit. It's finding that consistency that is the challenge," McFadden added.

"Most importantly, now we need to respond again."

Listen: Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast interviews Andrew McFadden

The Warriors' chance to respond is against the Dragons at home on Sunday but they go into the clash yet again down on players.

McFadden made the most changes of any team heading into this weekend's fixture having lost Simon Mannering and Tuimoala Lolohea to injury on Monday. Mid-season buy Shaun Lane has been tipped to make his club debut off the bench.

Warriors caller comments on Radio Sport in response to the Melbourne game included.-

"We were right in that game and then they kicked off."

"Someone has to pay for it...we've had four years of not making the eight and it will soon be five."

"I supported the Warriors through thick and thin and copped so much rubbish from my workmates...last night was just gutless. I've had enough."

" (Shaun) Johnson...he's up himself."

"I'm struggling to contain myself...I spend money, I bought a membership, every home game I go down there...all we want as supporters and fans is one word - effort. I'm pissed off, disgusted."

"The bloody coach should be sacked..."

"We don't deserve this...it's just b!@@#$%^."