Hollywood actor Tom Hanks claims to have put £100 on Leicester City to win the Premier League at the start of the season.

After the subject of his relegated team Aston Villa was brought up during an interview, Hanks quickly responded with "Ugh, what are you trying to make me do. Trying to make me cry on TV like that?"

Hanks then changed his mood, adding "do you know what I did at the beginning of the season? Put a hundred quid on Leicester [City] so I think I'll do okay".

The reporter then questions the legitimacy of Hanks' claim, and he responds with an ambiguous "maybe I did, maybe I didn't", before suggesting that the reporter find someone in Leicester who put £25 on their local team, saying they'll be "millionaires".


After finishing six points from relegation in the 2015 season, Leicester City have been something of a Cinderella story, now on the brink of taking out the English Premier League for 2016.

Hanks' supported side Aston Villa are on the opposite end of the spectrum, securing last place on the Premier League table, now set to be relegated to the Football League Championship after winning as many games as Leicester City have lost this season (3).