West Indies fast-bowler Tino Best has made an outrageous claim to have "slept with 500-650 women" while on tour with the West Indies between 2003 and 2014.

Best is set to release his autobiography Mind the Windows on April 28, and the Daily Mail has released an extract from the book a week before its release.

The 34-year-old, renowned worldwide for being one of the fastest bowlers to have played the game, played an 11-year international career with the West Indies, including 25 tests, 26 ODI's and 6 T20'S.

In the extract, Best states how after the mother of his child split up with him at the beginning of his international career, he became a self-confessed "man whore".


"I love girls," writes Best.

"Everywhere I went as a cricketer, I'd talk to girls, date girls and sleep with girls. I reckon I've slept with anywhere between 500 and 650 girls, all around the world."

"When she called it a day, I became a bit of a playboy," writes Best.

"Put it this way: I became a man whore."

"If I liked a girl, I'd go and talk to them - whoever it was. If I'd seen Beyonce and she was single, I'd have gone and introduced myself: 'Hello, my name's Tino. What's yours?' No girl intimidated me."

Best says being the youngest member of the West Indies squad, he was desperate to impress the senior players in the squad, and that he gained respect from them if he "pulled a girl".

"I'd pick and choose who I wanted to date. I used to go on five or six dates a week, all with different girls," claims Best.

Best also writes about how members within the West Indies squad used to have competitions to see how many women they could sleep with while on tour overseas.

"We used to have competitions of who could shag the most girls on tour. I think my record, on an eleven-week tour to Australia in 2005, was more than forty."

Best even claims to have slept with up to four women some nights, and threesomes were regular occurrences while on tour.

Despite his sexual activity, Best says the number of women slept with never hindered his training and performance for the West Indies.

"Did any of this affect my cricket? No, not at all. I don't think it hindered me. There was no-one who trained harder than me for Barbados or the West Indies. If I bring two girls back and have sex with them, I'll still be out there first in the morning working hard. I was smart about it and didn't get into any trouble. I respected that I played for my country and did everything I could - but I liked enjoying myself too."