Parramatta chairman Steve Sharp has moved to aggressively counter continued speculation over the Eels' NRL salary cap position and the possibility they may be docked competition points.

Parramatta are enjoying their best season since they last played in a grand final in 2009. But away from the field, allegations continue to hit the club of salary cap rorts.

In a statement on Sunday afternoon, Sharp slammed the continued reporting of the Eels' alleged woes as "rampant and misleading public commentary".

Due to the latest allegations the NRL has reopened an investigation into cap dealings at the Eels, after they avoided a points penalty earlier this year.

"Speculation as to findings of guilt or innocence, potential loss of points, fines, removal of Eels staff and the like is just that, speculation," Sharp said.

"We reject the wildly misleading and inaccurate comparisons between the current investigation into the Eels and the findings in respect of the Melbourne Storm and the Bulldogs in years gone by."

Sharp took aim at those he said were using the ongoing issue for their own means.

"We reassert our commitment to the ongoing reforms of the governance of the club made necessary by previous poor practices," he said.

"Much of the current speculation and misinformation is clearly being fuelled and driven by those opposed to these reforms."

Sharp did accept the ongoing drama was detracting from the Eels' efforts on the park.

"Public commentary has the effect of undermining confidence in the integrity of the NRL processes which every fan, every single NRL club and the games broadcasters rely upon," he said.