An invitation to frame the market sounded ambitious. When would the Blues and Warriors win in the same weekend?

The Warriors have lost their last 11 games, the Blues have claimed three wins, a draw and a bye in the same stretch so the odds on the double must be stretching.

The Blues fell over themselves at the weekend then escaped with a draw against the modest Reds in Brisbane before the Warriors worked themselves back into the lead against the Storm then buckled under the late pressure.

If erratic is your aphrodisiac then dial into the winter codes in Auckland and charge in for your season tickets to the Blues and Warriors.


There's no chance of the sides doing the double at Easter because the Blues have a bye before they launch into a mini run of three matches and then rest again.

Those three matches where the Blues meet the Jaguares, Chiefs and Sharks coincide with the Warriors playing the Roosters, Manly and Bulldogs on the same weekends.

Surely they'll both win one of those weekends and move from the sports pages to the front of the paper and news bulletins around the country. But which round?

Throw your darts into the two calendars. That's as likely to give you the answer as any trawling through history or delving into player stats, current form, refereeing idiosyncrasies and selection preferences.

Finding winning methods is as alien as arithmetic for Greg Inglis. As much as coaches and players dismiss the impact of defeats, losing brings a dismayed state of mind which is hard to shake.

Things go wrong for every rugby or league side but those with a history of success absorb those dramas and push ahead. When things go wrong for the Blues and Warriors it unlocks flashes of failure which bite into their ambition.