Sports broadcaster Tony Veitch believes that we'll hear more and more about rugby players suffering from dementia.

In response to Dylan Cleaver's investigation of the 1964 Taranaki side where five players have gone onto suffer from dementia, Vent host Tony Veitch and guest Guy Heveldt believe it's just the tip of the iceberg.

"We are going to have a generation of players who are suddenly going to [be hit by problems] because they didn't have the medical care back in the day," Veitch said in the latest episode of the Vent.

"This has only come about in the last five or six years where the education to say to players to stand down for five to six weeks has come about.


"This is not about a 'Nana State' this is about looking after rugby players because the brain is different to the ankle, the legs, the head all of it. You've got to look after it."