Leicester-supporting punter Jon Prycke has taken Ladbrokes for £29,000 after deciding to cash in his 5,000/1 £20 title bet - despite being adamant he would never take the money early and run.

The Foxes sit three points clear at the top of the Premier League table and the 59-year-old would have been in for a £100,000 windfall should they have stayed there until the end of the season.

But the fear of other sides 'parking the bus' during matches has led to him cashing out his bet for just-shy of £30,000 - the biggest ever jackpot won on the Foxes.

'I just feel like our luck might be running out. Teams have worked out how to play against us and the smaller teams will just start parking the bus,' said Prycke.


'I'd actually have preferred our run in to be against the bigger teams as we know how to beat them. It's been a crazy season, I'd be silly not to take my money and run.'

'I've also backed Leicester to finish in the top 4 at 400/1, so I can enjoy the rest of season knowing I've got my winnings early.

'£29,000 is a huge amount of money and I'd be silly ignore it. Not bad from £20,' he added.

But despite having the six-figure sum in his bank account, Pryke will keep his celebrations low-key with a Chinese takeaway and Leicester's trip to Watford on the box.

'I was going to buy a bungalow with my winnings but now I think I'll settle for some extra Chinese for the Watford game.'

There were 47 Ladbrokes customers confident enough to back Leicester to win the title at the start of the season at 5000/1.

Prycke becomes the fourth to take winnings early, following in the footsteps of student Nathan Finlow who took £1,600 from a £2 wager.