The Black Sticks have won a second consecutive match against world No 2 Argentina to go 2-1 up in their six-match series in Mar del Plata.

The world No 4 New Zealanders followed their 3-2 victory 48 hours earlier with a 4-1 win today, to put themselves in the box seat to wrap up the series in game five tomorrow.

Goals by Stacey Michelsen, with a field goal, Brooke Neal, from a penalty corner and Petrea Webster, also with a field goal, had New Zealand 3-0 going into the final quarter. After Argentina got one goal back, attacker Gemma Flynn got the fourth to decide the match.

"The girls did very well," coach Mark Hager said today.


"I thought we were more clinical around the park today. They (Argentina) looked a little bit flat, not taking anything away from us. I thought once we got 3-0 up, they had a go at us but couldn't score because our defence was very good.

"The fourth goal closed out the game. It was a team effort rather than any one or two individuals."

The fifth game is tomorrow. Today's match had been postponed a day due to the death of a young Argentine player.