Knives in the back!

Whilst the title to this blog can be considered somewhat harsh in certain contexts I mean it, in a broken man sort of way.

I travelled up the country last week completing an 800km marathon on my bike. It has taken its toll.

I have trained and trained hard for this upcoming Takapuna Tri - I have had the skills of some amazing people help me, perhaps the best in their chosen field. Geoff as my swim coach and Tim nursing me on the Bike.

There comes a point only days out that I might have to be prepared to drop onto a knee and admit defeat. I haven't yet, I will give myself until later this week to decide. I will give it everything I have to be ready for Sunday as I am determined to do this.

I have had huge amounts of advice from friends and colleagues - I am yet to find that concrete pill that will transfer my broken body into something that can even just finish this event.

I am determined to finish this, but I also will be realistic - it cannot for the sake of my family, completely ruin me for the next month or so.

Wish me luck as I spend copious amounts of time on various different specialist tables getting twisted and turned!