The world media have reacted with astonishment and admiration after Brendon McCullum's record breaking century against Australia in Christchurch.

The Telegraph's Scyld Berry said McCullum's 54-ball record deservedly ripped the great West Indian Viv Richards and Pakistani captain Misbah ul-Haq's 56-ball mark from the record books.

Berry wrote: McCullum deserved to take their record because the game-situation when he went in was infinitely more challenging.

"McCullum promptly turned the game on its head, which neither Richards nor Misbah had to do. By daring to run down the pitch, even to the serious pace of James Pattinson who touched 148kph, McCullum threw Australia's seamers off their length and minimised their danger.


"... one of the greater counterattacks in Test history, shredding Australia's game-plan."

Richards scored his whirlwind century against England in the mid-1980s, while Misbah did the deed against Australia just recently.

The Guardian said McCullum's innings was all the more astonishing given how much the ball was doing on a lively green pitch. Sydney Morning Herald cricket journalist Andrew Wu said Australia had been left "shellshocked."

Former England captain Michael Vaughan tweeted: "...Baz McCullum has delivered what can only be described as a genius farewell."