Let's do something completely and utterly stupid.

So - here goes training blog #2. I am exactly 11 days away from competing in my very first Tri.

Sometime ago I worked through a training plan in my head. It consisted of swim .... tick - Geoff has me under control ..... bike - tick I'll ride it from Wellington to Auckland, wait what??? Am I mad, yes apparently I am and the run, well after each day's bike leg I can chuck the shoes on and go for a gentle jog.

Let's bring in my training partners, Sam Wallace from TVNZ and my bike coach Tim Gudsell former European professional rider. Nw I figure I can easily take young Sam - let's be honest I've been riding a bike for 10 years, how wrong was I - they guy is actually very fit - the way he takes his shirt off every chance he gets on TV is testament to that. We are 400km into this race / training program and I am yet to challenge him at the finish line.


I owe Tim Gudsell 1000 beers because he has kept my composed and refuelled all the way along. I am nearing the point of no return along the way in 40 degree heat and he is feeding me gels and water as fast as it can be pulled from his back pocket. Thank you Tim.

The last three days I have got to my destination and tried in great vain to strap on the running shoes. Whilst the Takapuna Tri bike section won't consist of 150km rides - I now truly know what it feels like to get off a bike, strap on the joggers and off you go. I liken it to a new born calf trying to find its feet for the very first time. It takes a bit, you wobble, you shake, you swerve but eventually the blood flows and they start moving - not fast but they move.

So whilst my journey this week is long and arduous, I am getting there. I am concerned about my swim leg. But on Thursday we arrive in Taupo and I'll be getting off the bike and going for swim - a little backward but I do hope that I achieve better results than the aforementioned calf, I hope this Thursday I will resemble a sleek baby dolphin swimming like a little machine.

I'll let ya know.