If you're struggling with a New Year's resolution to start working out more you may want to look away now because this pocket-sized powerlifter isn't messing around.

Five-year-old Harper is the daughter of American strongman William Barabas and by the looks of this Instagram video he posted earlier this month she's inherited his strength.

According to Barabas the total weight of the bar and plates is 75 pounds, that's 34kgs. But Harper deadlifts it with relative ease - and a smile on her face.

"Her face is priceless and makes it all worth it," Barabas wrote. "We need to work on her post deadlift dance though. I'll make it tougher next time so she has to at least take off her coat."


Barabas first showed off his daughter's impressive strength when she was just four years old. Harper was able to wriggle her chin up above the bar to complete a couple of unassisted pull-ups as a kindergartener.

Barabas's most recent video created a bit of debate on social media among people who believed Harper is far too young to be lifting weights. But given her father's expertise you'd suspect he knows what he's doing.

It appears it's just a unique way he's found to bond with his kids.