It was Marisa Dick's dream to have a new manoeuvre one day officially named in her honour.

Now she's done it - and it will have commentators blushing.

The 18-year-old Trinidad and Tobago athlete practiced the move 20 times a day before debuting it on a grand stage at last year's World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow.

It requires leaping off the springboard and landing on the balance beam in the splits position - toes pointed and arms stretched in the air.


The move has now officially been added to the sport's official Code of Points, the rulebook that outlines details the scoring system.

It's official name? "The Dick".

"It's super cool to know that my name will kind of live on in the world of gymnastics," Dick told CBC News.

"It's really exciting. It was one of my biggest goals going into worlds, to get this move named after myself."

Dick said there were two keys to achieving "The Dick".

"You mostly have to be flexible and have some guts," she explained.

Dick, who has dual Canadian citizenship, finished 74th in the beam event at worlds but exited from Glasgow all smiles after leaping into the history books.

"We thought, let's try this, we knew it had never been done before," she said.

Her next move will also be challenging as she competes with teammate Thema Williams for a spot on Trinidad and Tobago's Rio Olympic team.

"Only one of us gets to go to the Olympics, so it's kind of a cutthroat time. But it's exciting," she said.