Tony is joined by Michael Guerin to discuss the big sporting topics from the weekend including the Black Caps' Halberg odds, Chris Cairns commentating, Steve Williams and SBW's looming sevens debut.

More important for Black Caps - Series win over Australia or World T20 title?


Kane Williamson has to be sportsman of the year. Has to be.

Michael: Which brings us to an argument from yesterday... you said you'd rather see the Black Caps beat the Australians in a test series. I reckon winning the World T20 Cup is more important and this is why - at the Halbergs winning the world championships of anything gives you a better chance of getting a Halberg so he's a better chance of getting sportsman of the year and the Black Caps have a better chance of getting sports team of the year at the Halbergs next year if they win a t20 World Cup. That's why it's more important than beating the Aussies in a test series.
Tony: T20 cricket should only be played domestically.
Michael: True, but you want Kane Williamson to be sportsman of the year.
Tony: Because of his test form and his ODI form.
Michael: But you have a better chance of doing that if you win a World Championship. If they don't win the T20 than all the Olympics people will win the Halbergs next year.


Chris Cairns commentating


Would you be comfortable listening to Chris Cairns commentate cricket?


It would still be in the back of my mind. If Cairns is calling a cricket game there is still a thing there that there will be people in the box uncomfortable with him.

Steve Williams: Golfers need to lighten up


A story comes out this morning, a pot calling a kettle black, Steve Williams saying that golfers need to not take themselves as seriously. Did he ever look like he was having fun on a golf course? Here is the only thing I need to tell you about Steve Williams...What would you at home think of him if he was an Australian, or a Yank or a Pom?


Doesn't Steve Williams make golf more interesting because he's outspoken?

Michael: Who cares? He's the mechanic behind the car.