American Jack Sock hopes to create a new post match signature moment - by throwing one of his socks into the crowd.

The world No26, who faces David Ferrer in the ASB Classic semi-finals today, tried it for the first time yesterday, removing his shoe to fling one of his socks to a surprised spectator.

Other players have their trademarks. Roger Federer likes to hurl his headband into the crowd, as does Rafa Nadal. Novak Djokovic has been known to give his shoes to fans, while Jo Wilfried Tsonga has his victory jig.

"A few guys have their signature things," said Sock. "I thought with such a unique last name it might be something clever and fun. I'm trying it out for a bit to see how people react - I think most people can tell I'm a pretty out going and goofy guy."


Sock came up with the idea on Thursday morning, hours before his match with Kevin Anderson, which he won 1-6 6-4 6-4.

"In the middle of the warm up I had a light bulb moment," said Sock. "I said if I won I would try it out. I was going to sign [the sock] and give it out but then I wore a black sock so that is kinda difficult. I might bring a white one with me [next time] and sign if I win."

It's an unusual gesture - given the amount of perspiration socks will absorb across a match - but may become part of the American's brand.

"It might be a good idea but I don't even know if the crowd will like it," said Sock. "We'll see in the next few weeks."