Tony Veitch is joined by Radio Sport reporter Guy Heveldt to talk about fans getting kicked out of Eden Park, Anthony Hudson's comments and the Black Caps' style of play.

Fans kicked out of Eden Park


My issue is this - so some people had some drums... it wasn't full. They were having some fun and they get turfed out.

Guy: It's quite frankly unbelievable. You've got guys there that are trying to make an atmosphere at a game that, let's be honest, not many people are at, 17,000 or whatever it was. Not much chanting as per usual at a New Zealand sports event and they're making a little bit of noise on their drums. What is the issue?


Tony: I was sent this video last night by people who were videoing what actually happened and the crowd around it, the Kiwi fans, were absolutely loving it.

Guy: I had a couple of mates who were near those guys and they said they were making the game a lot more exciting because the Black Caps weren't chasing a lot. There wasn't really a 'match' it was a one-sided affair and now you're throwing out the only atmosphere that is there.

Tony: People on Facebook are saying 'This is why I'm not going'. I remember the [Wellington] Sevens years ago and the Sevens was so much fun because the security played ball...Grounds need to make it more user-friendly for the fans.

This is not a dig at the security guards as I understand they have protocol to follow, this is a big at the administrators. Seriously if they thought they were going to get 50,000 and the drums were going to impede on people watching the game then I can get that but they only had 17,000 people at the game yesterday.

Guy: It's not just Eden Park as well. It's all around the country, it's at every venue.

Anthony Hudson speaks out on state of NZ football


He's said it's delusional, the attitude of the young players is horrendous... all of it.

Guy: Paul Ifill has come out and it's right in saying that the time of this is very very strange. And Hudson, this is a guy who is a very meticulous planner, he's the most meticulous planning coach in the country beside maybe Steve Hansen and Mike Hesson, he made a PowerPoint to play to the media when he first arrived in the country..he must have known when he took on the job that this was a very very tough gig and that the New Zealand football is not up there with the rest of the players in the world.

Tony: If we're not playing international matches, why should I care as a football fan?

Guy: You shouldn't really but it's always going to be tough for New Zealand Football to do that. Ona grand scale they don't have the funds and we're in terrible position in the world in terms of where we actually are on the map.

If Andy Martin comes back and backs New Zealand Football's stance and say's Hudson's wrong then Hudson's position is untenable.

If New Zealand hadn't have batted as they did yesterday would this be a dud summer so far?
Guy: I look at this on a bigger scale. Isn't this the way the Black Caps have gone about things ever since Mike Hesson got here and that is why they have a following. No matter what they're chasing they'll just go hell for leather.
They've just got a great brand of cricket at the moment and it's just exciting to follow.