The Australian cricketer whose "nose run-out" has gone viral around the world says his competitive nature got the best of him after he suffered a bizarre and brutal blow to the nose in Saturday night's Big Bash League game.

Melbourne Stars legspinner Adam Zampa lunged at the ball in his follow-through and it rebounded off nonstriker Peter Nevill's bat onto the bowler's nose and then the stumps at high speed, with Nevill short of his ground.

Renegades' batsman Nevill ran to Zampa's aid, but the 23-year-old bowler was too fired up to worry about that in the sold-out Melbourne derby at Etihad Stadium.

"I actually have to go and say sorry to him because he was trying to be quite sympathetic and I just kind of brushed him off and said 'that's out'," Zampa said.


Zampa said on Sunday he was thanking his lucky stars his nose, swollen and possibly broken, is his only concern.

"Looking at the replay a bit this morning, I'm probably pretty lucky I don't have a couple of railings in my mouth if it was a couple of inches lower," Zampa said.

"As soon as it hit my nose I thought it was broken.

"The doctors have said there's no real point getting an x-ray because it's pretty straight.
"It's just ice, trying to get the swelling down and hope the pain goes away.

"As soon as I got hit on the nose the ball hit the stumps.

"I don't know if I was in shock or something.

"They stopped play for a while and got the tissues up my nose.

"The next couple of minutes were pretty slow for me. I can't really remember too much."

Zampa said his teammates told him to go off the field for treatment, but he was determined to play on.

A dazed Zampa claimed a wicket two balls later as the Gades were restricted to 6-155.
The Stars coasted to victory with two overs and eight wickets to spare.

Zampa says the cricket field is a dangerous place, but he's confident a freak accident like this one is not going to be a regular thing.

"As we've seen with the umpires, they're starting to wear the helmets now," Zampa said.

"We always say the crowd are in danger the way the balls are getting hit these days.
"It is dangerous but there's not much you can really do about it.

"I've never seen someone get hit in the nose and then get a run out."

Stars' all-rounder Marcus Stoinis said the sound of the ball crashing into Zampa's nose was "disgusting".

"It sounded bad," Stoinis said.

"It's a shocking sound." -