When world darts champion Gary Anderson returns to New Zealand to compete this year, Kiwi fans may see a new look.

Just a day after securing the world title in devastating fashion in England, Anderson has admitted he may need to consider wearing glasses after almost seeing his chances of a second world title disappear before his eyes.

The 45-year-old beat Adrian Lewis 7-5 in Monday's final at Alexandra Palace despite twice miscounting scores and afterwards admitting he was struggling to see clearly.

Anderson, who is due in New Zealand to play in the Auckland Darts Masters in late August, added that he had never had an eye test, but he will try to correct his vision problems before focusing his sights on a third world title.


"I have done all right," Anderson said after defending his title. "Not bad for an old blind man.

"When I get up in the morning I struggle and when I go downstairs I am looking at people and saying, 'Who's that?' But I have just put it down to old age. I am getting on now. I am no spring chicken.

"People ask me if I read the newspaper and I say, 'No, I can't see it'. I have tried playing with glasses on and what happens is I knock them across my forehead because I end up hitting them as the dart catches underneath.

"When I am throwing right I touch my eye. When I am struggling a bit I find my darts drop down to my cheekbone.

"I am seeing numbers that are not there. The 148 I could have sworn it was 128 and as I walked up I went, 'That is a four'. I just wanted to disappear. Listening to the crowd, I was struggling."

One of Anderson's proteges, Michael Smith, who was handed a place in this year's Premier League for the first time, has tried wearing contact lenses.

But Anderson said: "Michael Smith says it is easy but I could not think of anything worse than putting contacts in.

"We will get it sorted. I have never had an eye test. They might turn around and say that I am fine."

- Daily Mail