Out-of-work football manager Jose Mourinho has received an offer too bad to be true.

Ibis Sports Club, once dubbed the world's worst club, has offered the cocky, superstar manager a two-year contract which includes loss bonuses - the gift of an animal after every defeat and an immediate raise if "the team lost by a thrashing".

Ibis released the job offer to mark Brazil's December 28 equivalent of April Fool's Day, the Telegraph reported.

The Brazilian club was dubbed "The Worst Team in the World" after going winless for nearly four years in the 1980s. Mourinho left English Premier League champions Chelsea last month after their horror start to the season.


"At the moment this is what we can do for you, as you are without a club," the club stated in its offer which included posting a contract online.

Mourinho is one of the most successful football managers in history, having won major league titles in four countries.