The Silver Ferns will be out to win their first world title in 12 years. Dana Johannsen and Rikki Swannell talked to the class of 2003 about what the team need to do.

Irene van Dyk

"Play your own game at your own pace. If you dictate the speed you'll be in control. You've done it once, but don't underestimate the strength of the Australians. Stay calm."

Belinda Colling
"Play every second there will be no rest."

Anna Stanley (Rowberry)
"Don't over-complicate things, don't over-think it. Do your own jobs well and have belief that your team-mates will do the same."


Temepara Bailey (George)
"Girls, all the best. Keep that sea of black through the middle on defence and the Aussies will have no answers. Enjoy the moment as you all deserve it."

Sheryl Scanlan (Clarke)
"What a journey it is for you to get where you are and you deserve to be right there. Keep that strong belief within the team and take it out on court, along with the support from your families, friends and the rest of the nation. Faamalosi! Kia Kaha!"

Vilimaina Davu
"You've done the preparation, have the belief in yourselves and your skills. You've shown you can win - enjoy it."

Anna Harrison (Scarlett)
"There's not much advice I can give any of you at this point, you've all done the work to be there. But I never thought I would be able to enjoy watching netball as much as I have (I'm too competitive), so thank you for making it so exciting."

Adine Wilson (Harper)
"Play without fear and the confidence you showed last Sunday. Translate the enjoyment you have off the court as a unit and it will come together."

Tania Dalton
"Heed the words of your coach. She picked you because she believes in you. Who cares what everyone else says if the coach thinks you are the person for the job?"

Jodi Brown(Te Huna)
In the current team.

Leana De Bruin(Du Plooy)
In the current team.