All you need to know before the Chatham Cup quarterfinals begin this weekend.

Western Suburbs v Napier City Rovers

Endeavour Park, Wellington

Saturday 8 August, 2pm

Referee: Antony Riley


Western Suburbs


1. Mitchell Stewart-Hill (GK), 2. Riley Kelliher, 3. Bryce McMillan, 4. Jamie O'Connor, 5. Tyler Lissette, 6. Liam Jones, 7. Ben Sippola, 8. Callam McCowatt, 9. Noah Billingsley, 10. Juan Chang, 11. Billy Scott, 12. Ahmad Mohammadi, 14. Owen Parker-Price, 15. Tinashe Marowa, 16. Robert Gallegos, 17. Brendan Lesch, 18. Tim Rawiri, 19. Mikey Faber, 20. Elliott Collier, 21. Mason Kelliher (RGK)

Coach: Declan Edge

Comment: "The lead-up has been a bit tough. We've lost a few members in the squad through players going back overseas and the flu epidemic that has hit Porirua. We could have up to four or five first-team players out through sickness so the reserve players will need to step up. It's not ideal."

Napier City Rovers


1. Ruben Parker (GK), 2. Dan Ball, 3. Phil Dol, 4. Harry Morton 5. Finn Milne, 6. Miles John, 7. Stephen Hoyle, 8. Ryan Tinsley, 9. Angus Kilkolly, 10. Saul Halpin, 11. Tom Biss, 12. Oli Chapman, 14. Josh Stevenson, 15. James Hoyle, 16. Danny Wilson, 17. Fergus Neil, 18. Chris Greatholder, 19. Bill Robertson, 20. Fane Morgan, 21. Kyle Baxter (RGK)

Coach: Bill Robertson

Comment: "There is a lot of confidence amongst the squad. We set ourselves a couple of goals at the start of the season to win our Central League competition and to win the Chatham Cup and we've managed to tick one of those boxes with a few games to go so it allows us to concentrate on the Chatham Cup and the boys are ready for this weekend and really looking forward to the game."


Chatham Cup History:

Western Suburbs:

Cup titles

- 1935 (3-1 v Western - Christchurch - as Hospital)

- 1971 (3-2 - AET v Wellington City)

- 2006 (0-0, 3-0 on penalties v Eastern Suburbs AFC)

Napier City Rovers:
Cup titles
- 1985 (3-1 v North Shore United)
- 1993 (6-0 v Rangers - Christchurch)
- 2000 (4-1 v Central United FC)
- 2002 (2-0 v Tauranga City United AFC)


Dunedin Technical v Mangere United

Caledonian Ground, Dunedin

Sunday 9 August, 12.30pm

Referee: Calvin Berg

Dunedin Technical


1. Tom Batty, 2. David Hayman, 3. Ross Howard, 4. Andrew Douglas, 5. Matt Joy (capt), 6. Michael Abbott, 7. Justin Flaws, 8. Tim Mclennan, 9. Josh Stewart, 10. Taylor McCormack, 11. Al Rickerby, 12. Aaron Burgess, 15. Tom Houghton,17. Michael Neaverson, 18. John Curwen, 20. Liam Whittaker

Player/Coach: Aaron Burgess


Comment: "We don't have a lot of individual stars in our team. For me they are all stars. We've got a really good, well-knit team. We've got about 1000 Dunedin Technical league appearances in the squad this weekend so there is a lot of experience in the team."

Mangere United


1. Kartik Krith, 2. Shalesh Kumar, 3. Aeron Singh, 4. Sohail Basha, 5. Mokhtar Foladi, 6. Shaneel Sharma, 7. Shravan Sharma, 8. Ernesto Lopez, 10. Sanni Issa, 12. Soheb Sheik, 13. Amit Narayan, 14. Rinal Prasad, 15. Waleed Omar, 16. Amon Goodin, 17. Seth Armstrong, 18. Cissoko Sulaymanne, 19. Harry Brown

Coach: Miroslav Nikolic

Chatham Cup History:

Dunedin Technical:

Cup titles


1999 (4-0 v Waitakere City FC)

Cashmere Technical v Eastern Suburbs

Garrick Memorial Park, Christchurch
Sunday 9 August, 2pm
Referee: Isaac Trevis

Cashmere Technical


1. Danny Knight (GK), 3. Nick Wortelboer, 4. Rodd Lockhart, 5. Dan Schwarz, 6. Tom Schwarz, 7. Julyan Collett, 8. Stuart Kelly, 9. Aaron Clapham, 11. Shawn O'Brien, 12. Andrew Barton, 13. Jeremy Wild, 14. Ben Howes, 16. Jordan Halligan, 17. Ryan Stanley, 18. Liam Oxley, 21. Sho Mathieson, 22. James Levvy (GK)

Coach: John Brown

Comment: "The only thing I'll say to my players is that we need to make sure that we come off that park knowing that we did everything we could to get the result."


Eastern Suburbs AFC


1. Simon Williams, 2. Joe Nottage, 3. Rhys Ruka, 4. Ben Hutter, 5. Tom Speers, 6. Eammon O'Brien, 7. Michael Bryant, 8. Liam Griffin, 9. Ben Vidaic, 10. Denver Macdonald, 11. Brandon Barnes, 12. Keegan Linderboom, 13. Matthew Francis, 14. Damian Mosquera, 15. Nathaniel Bowen, 16. Tristan Prattley, 17. Charl Compaan, 19. Tom Shaw, 20. Ryan Elder, 21. Sander Waterland, 22. Ernie Wong

Coach: Malcolm McPherson

Comment: "The fact that they've won it a couple of years in a row does make it more of a daunting task but we've got a good group of players who have got a lot of self-belief so we're going to go there and give it our best. I think it will be a good game either way so we're looking forward to the trip and fingers crossed we'll come out with the right result. I've watched previous matches of theirs and have spoken to a few people in the area that know them quite well. So we have a reasonable understanding of what they're about.

Chatham Cup History

Cashmere Technical:

Cup titles:


- 1948 (2-0 v Waterside - as Tech Old Boys)

- 2013 (3-1 v Waitakere City FC)

- 2014 (2-1 v Central Utd FC)

Eastern Suburbs:
Cup titles:
- 1951 (5-1 v Northern - Dunedin)
- 1953 (4-3 v Northern - Dunedin)
- 1965 (4-1 v St Kilda)
- 1968 (2-0 v Christchurch Technical)
- 1969 (2-0 v New Brighton)

Birkenhead United v Central United

Shepherds Park, Auckland
Sunday 9 August, 2pm
Referee: Mark Fisher

Birkenhead United AFC



1. Damian Hirst (GK), 2. Ryan Howlett, 3. Mitch Watts, 4. Reese Cox, 5. Harry Bolton Roberts, 6. Chad Coombes, 7. Godwin Darkwa, 8. Mikael Bredevelt, 9. Adam Dickinson, 10. Elijah Neblett, 11. Jack Hobson-McVeigh, 12. Dan Morgan, 13. Louie Mills, 14. David Parkinson, 15. Dylan Windust, 16. Christian Gray, 17. Emanuel Darkwa, 18. James Lawson, 19. Danny Robinson (GK), 20. Ethan Galbraith

Coach: Paul Hobson

Comment: "I think this will be our third quarter-final in four years and we're yet to progress. We're thinking about all the things we've got wrong in those previous games to get us through this hurdle. We have to learn from our mistakes and hopefully put together a good performance."

Central United FC


1. Danyon Drake, 2. Scott Jacques, 3. Ollie Wright, 4. Marko Dordevic, 5. Angel Berlanga, 6. Takuya Iwata, 7. Mario Ilich, 8. Dean Lausev, 9. Regont Murati, 10. Aaron Bawdekar, 11. Finn Cochran, 12. Tom Connor, 13. Vincent Pineau, 14. Jacob Hall, 15. Ivan Vicelich, 16. Dale Bennetto, 17. Adam McGeorge, 18. Nicolas Zambrano, 19. James Hoyt, 20. Maro Bonsu-Maro, 21. Faiti Hamilton-Pama, 22. Jacob Spoonley, 24. Keegan Ashdown-Inia

Coach: Jose Figueira


Comment: "I think Birkenhead are one of the stronger sides in the Premier League and are year-to-year consistently battling for the top spot. On one side, it's a good thing that we know who they are but we certainly also know how big of a challenge it will be. For the players who have been at our club a while and been part of the trophy-winning campaigns, the cup really does mean a lot. The cup days are always extra special and the players do fire themselves up for it."

Chatham Cup History:

Central United

Cup titles:

- 1997 (3-2 - AET v Napier City Rovers)

- 1998 (5-0 v Dunedin Technical)

- 2005 (2-1 v Palmerston North Marist)


- 2007 (0-0, 10-9 on penalties v Western Suburbs)

- 2012 (6-1 v Lower Hutt City)