Tests have cleared FFA chairman Frank Lowy from any injury after his spectacular fall from the A-League grand final podium.

A-League chief Damien de Bohun has confirmed the 84-year-old Lowy is in good health.

"Frank's fine," he reported.

"He's a bit sore today but he'll be good.


"It was a big fall but he's had all the tests overnight.

"Whilst falling of the stage was serious, there's no doubt what he'll be remembered for is getting back up and presenting the trophy.

"To see the way the crowd responded to him was fantastic."

Just as he prepared to present Melbourne Victory with the A-League's circular trophy, Lowy slipped.

First he spun, clinging to the circular trophy for balance, with FFA chief executive David Gallop on the other end, then falling to the ground.

The octogenarian's body twisted in a way that an 84-year-old's body should not, and for a moment it appeared much worse.

Paramedics rushed to Lowy's aid, and a hushed crowd feared they might have witnessed something awful.

But Lowy, with a grass stain on his hair for good measure, was able to hand over the trophy, enjoying a bear hug from goalscorer Besart Berisha for good measure.


Lowy's triumphant return to the dias did herald the beginning of jokes at his expense.

To some, it was the worst dive the football match had seen.

To others, FFA chief executive David Gallop was the subject of ridicule, as he hung on tightly to the trophy and not Lowy.

Melbourne Victory won the grand final 3-0 through goals to Berisha, Kosta Barbarouses and Leigh Broxham.