From a golfball sized welt to a Little League legend, Daily Shorts takes a look at the lighter side of sport.

This Swedish man was hit in the head with a golf ball so hard that it looks like the actual ball broke through his skin, embedded itself in his skull, and the wound healed around it.

What we're trying to say is that the size of the welt is outrageous.

Joakim Boden was playing a round with his buddies last Thursday when he was hit directly in the head with an errant shot from a neighboring hole. No one yelled fore and Boden said the sound it made off his head was like "a gun shot."


His friends brought him to the clubhouse and he was taken to a health clinic shortly thereafter. The clinic checked him out and gave him the OK to drive home and even play golf the next day.

'Facebreakers' chipping contest

Another day, another evening of Jimmy Fallon having more fun than anyone has a right to.

The host of The Tonight Show brought Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy into the studio Monday night for a little game called "Facebreakers." The object was simple: Chip into glass panels depicting your opponent's face.

Woods is injured, so the four-time Masters champion opted to caddie for Fallon. But It didn't help.

McIlroy started as McIlroy tends to start everything these days-with a terrifying display of skill. The Northern Irishman called his shot and smashed a ball through the top right panel.

Woods and Fallon didn't know what to do.

"Dude...I'm sorry," Woods told Fallon.

Thus began the slaughter. Fallon hit a pair of McIlroy's panels, but the day belonged to the 25-year-old pro, who demolished Fallon's faces and received a pre-engraved trophy at the end.

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Usain Bolt shows off his football tekkers on the Copacabana in Brazil

World and Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt has been showing how handy he is with a football on the Copacabana beach.

The world's fastest man, who is a notorious Manchester United fan and has repeatedly stated that he would like to play football for them, was in Rio de Janeiro for a four-man race in a special event on the Copacabana.

Bolt won the race, which included Briton Marc Lewis-Francis, in a relatively pedestrian (by his standards) 10.06 seconds.

But he then took to the beach to play FootVolley, and displayed some delicate touches, including a clever flick as he lived up to his reputation as a showman.