Chris Cairns has issued a statement insisting he stands by his earlier comments on the Lou Vincent scandal, and that the allegations against him are 'a complete lie'.

The former New Zealand allrounder, identified by the New Zealand Herald today as the player being named as player X in the International Cricket Council inquiry, completely rejected the allegations against me - "and I will prove this".

"Everything I said yesterday stands," Cairns said.

Watch: Cairns named as 'player X'


"However I think it is very dangerous to try to do this through the media and court of public opinion, where it is impossible to present all the information and facts."

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Cairns said he is committed to ending his interview with Britain's Met Police as soon as possible, "and will work through the proper channels to, once again, prove my innocence".

Cairns said what had circulated in the public domain "is barely one side of the story".

"I just ask people to remember that, as yet, the ICC have still not so much as interviewed me. There is a long journey ahead."

Late last night, Cairns said in a statement that former New Zealand team mate Vincent "appears to have confessed to match fixing in respect of games played in numerous countries around the world, most of which I have had no connection to.

"He is in a desperate position. He faces potential prosecution and in trying to negotiate a plea bargain he appears to be willing to falsely accuse me of wrongdoing."

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