From Masters mini-golf to the sad story of a boy called Rooney, Daily Shorts looks at the light-hearted side of sport

Mini Masters

Some genius has created this YouTube video of highlights from last year's Masters, adding mini-golf obstacles over the top of the footage including a gopher stopping a short Tiger Woods putt and Marc Lieshman ending in the water after picking the wrong pipe to putt into. Give this person their own green jacket.

Caption this

The Knight and the Prince: Sir Richard Hadlee gives Prince William some bowling advice. Photo / Getty Images
The Knight and the Prince: Sir Richard Hadlee gives Prince William some bowling advice. Photo / Getty Images

By any other name

You've got to feel for three-year-old British boy Rooney Scholes. He's been banned from having his first name written on an Easter egg because of copyright rules,


His mum, surprise surprise a Manchester United fan and owner of an Eric Cantona tattoo, said staff refused to write his first name on a customised Easter egg for fear of upsetting famous footballer and namesake Wayne Rooney.

Yours or mine?
Levante duo Ruben Garcia and Victor Casadseus botched a freekick against La Liga side Villarreal as they clearly didn't decide who was taking the shot beforehand.
Watch the video here
Class act
The daughter of the chief steward aboard the missing Malaysian jet has thanked Liverpool fans for giving her a signed jersey in honour of her football-mad father, in a story that has captured the nation's hearts.

Maira Elizabeth Nari - who has become a social media phenomenon in Malaysia for her poignant posts refusing to give up hope of finding her father alive - said three Malaysian Liverpool fans "went through a few obstacles'' to get the shirt signed by the club's players and manager after a recent game at Anfield, AFP reports.

"Feeling so blessed! I've no clue how to thank all of you,'' the 17-year-old wrote as she posted a picture of the shirt over the weekend, which has been shared on Twitter nearly 3500 times.

"It is indeed beautiful and true, that You'll Never Walk Alone,'' she added, in a reference to the team's slogan.

Keep inside the lines
The Philadelphia Phillies used children's drawings of their players instead of official photos during their game against the Marlins. A nice touch.

The Phillies Phundamentals children drew up today's starting lineup:


Tweet of the day

Put this in the 'too much information' file along with Mark Richardson's tale on the Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast yesterday about using the toilet in a flash hotel.

Wifey was trying on dresses in front of me in the lounge & I have to say I got a little excited.Then she turned me down.#Ego_Took_A_Hit