From SBW playing in the AFL to great catches, Daily Shorts looks at the light-hearted side of sport.

Forget that it's April 1. Every previous Sonny Bill Williams rumour has become true so this is going to happen.

"Sonny Bill Williams has officially terminated his $1 million contract with the Roosters and signed a multimillion dollar deal with the AFL club, Collingwood Magpies on a one year deal. He stated he "felt the need to play AFL." (via League Statistics)

On that note Valerie Adams is 'pregnant' and England lost to Netherlands*.


* Actually happened.

Kane v Sri Lanka
Some great stats via Cricinfo. Kane Williamson's 42 runs (70 percent of New Zealand's 60) is the highest percentage contribution to a team's total in an international T20, overtaking a record held by David Warner. Take that Australia.
It was also only the second time in an international T20 where both skippers made ducks.

Fans get shirty
The pricing of England's new kit for the FIFA World Cup has angered England fans. The Nike shirt has been branded a 'rip off' by parents and former players with two versions on sale one at 90 pounds and another (with 'less technology') for 60 pounds.

The previous kit was released in May and lasted just seven games.

Former England players Joey Barton and Stan Collymore were quick to attack the pricing on Twitter.

Its literally a white sports top with an England badge on. Costs about £2 pound tops to make in some sweatshop in the east.

Nike were just as quick to defend the prices, though the lack of retweets (surely Nike UK have more staff than that?) shows they may lack support.

@messerp1 We feel the price reflects the level of technology and design which goes into making our kits.

So what would 90 pounds (NZ$173) get you for New Zealand teams or player merchandise?

Price comparisons:
Warriors jersey - (Six to choose from) - $185 ($120 kids)
All Blacks jersey- $180 ($140 kids)
Wellington Phoenix shirt - $140 ($120 kids)
Blues jersey- $140 ($110 kids)
All Whites shirt - $134.80 ($114.80 kids)
Steven Adams Thunder singlet - $126 plus postage ($69 kids)
Breakers singlet - $60 ($55 kids)
- Prices via official team websites.


Open all hours (to 1am at least)
Some good news for England fans however. After two weeks of consultation the Home Office has relaxed licensing laws to allow pubs to stay open late during some England matches in Brazil. "The government believes that England playing in the World Cup is an occasion of exceptional national significance," the Home Office said. It took them two weeks to work that out?

Baseball's here

It's Opening Day in the MLB today although the season officially started in Australia last week, and then kicked off again yesterday with the first game on US soil between the Padres and Dodgers.

In that game a Padres' ballgirl stole the game highlight with this grab, stopping a scorching line drive from going into the stands.

Meanwhile if you've always thought about proposing at a sports ground - here's a graphic with how much it will cost you at a baseball ground. Just $39 for Pirates fans while at the other end of the scale it's $2500 at Dodgers Stadium. Doesn't leave much for ring. Five teams, obviously anti-marriage, don't allow proposals at their stadiums (via


Atlanta Braves' Justin Upton blows a bubble as he bats against the Milwaukee Brewers in the sixth inning. Photo / AP

There was a brilliant botched try in the Hong Kong sevens from Japanese player Kosuke Hashino who tried to celebrate before dotting the ball down.

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