The Motutapu Restoration Trust raised $30,000 from its Partners Life Dual Motutapu-Rangitoto Traverse, held last weekend.

Now in its sixth year, the multi-sport race brought 2100 competitors and their supporters to the twin islands, says Motutapu Restoration Trust communications committee chair John Eccleton.

"The Dual is the only multi-sport event operating within islands free of predator pests, which also host rare endangered native wildlife. It raises more conservation/restoration funding than any other sporting event in the country and demonstrates the perfect partnering of recreation with conservation."

The annual fundraiser helps to sustain the trust's vision of replanting a third of this 1500ha island.


Motutapu has the largest restoration project under way in New Zealand, says Eccleton.

"Over the last 20 years, thousands of volunteers have made the 30-minute ferry voyage to plant, collect seed, weed bust, maintain tracks and work in the island nursery. In May, we begin our new season winter tree planting programme. All plants are raised on the island from seeds collected from native trees."

Since 1994, an estimated 500,000 trees have been planted. The islands are now home to thriving populations of takahe, saddlebacks, kiwi, bellbirds and other endangered species.

"They're well settled into lush native fruiting forest which was once bare farmland. Funds raised from Partners Life Dual events and other generous supporters of the project are put to good use. We use these funds to accelerate the planting of the island and assist with the ongoing translocation programme of critically endangered native species, such as the takahe and Coromandel brown kiwi."

Volunteers work on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month - except on public holiday weekends.

They'll be required May 18; June 15 and 29; July 6 and 20; August 3, 17 and 31.
phone 09 5220919 or 0275 570845;
or find the Motutapu Restoration Trust on Facebook.