Rajon Rondo has led the Boston Celtics to a 93-76 win over the Brooklyn Nets in the first of the NBA's Christmas Day games.

Rondo has scored a game-high 19 points and contributed six rebounds and five assists to pull the Celtics level with the Nets with a 14 win, 13 loss record.

The LA Lakers are playing host to the New York Knicks before the Oklahoma City Thunder visit the Miami Heat in a 2012 finals rematch.

Thunder forward Kevin Durant says it's a cool day to be playing basketball.


Durant says it's a blessing and an honour to play on Christmas after watching the games as a kid growing up.

Kevin Durant says the finals were a long time ago.

He says he's learnt a lot since then but this game is just another game on the schedule.

This afternoon, the Houston Rockets will visit the Chicago Bulls and the LA Clippers will play host the Denver Nuggets.