The Golf Channel recently invited long-drive specialist Jamie Sadlowski to test out their swing simulator in the studio, but were left shocked when the heavy hitter broke the machine with his first hit.

Sadlowski, whose driving record of 445 yards would be enough to hit the green on a par four hole from the tee, was more than happy to accept the challenge to see if he could perform in front of the cameras.

"I want to see what you've got," said presenter Gary Williams. "I've seen it before, but never on my turf".

Williams, though, made the mistake of affording Sadlowski the honour of 'teeing off' first.


As Sadlowski lined up the confident sounding Canadian warned Williams that he would "set a marker". And he duly did.

Unfortunately for Williams Sadlowski blasted his shot so hard that their simulator instantly gave up the ghost.

"This contest people, is over," said Williams as his producers, no doubt, scrabbled around checking their insurance documentation.

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