Cory Jane is rarely lost for words and, although he lost his phone early in the week which severely curtailed his Twitter fix, his sense of humour hasn't gone with it.

The All Blacks have employed an interpreter to help ease language difficulties for the Spanish-speaking Argentine journalists attending their press conferences but Jane's one-liners ahead of Sunday's Rugby Championship test at La Plata are likely to have been lost in translation.

The expected crowd noise at Estadio de La Plata has been a common theme this week and the wing provided a welcome respite with his novel answer.

"It's good. You want to hear the crowd support their team. I guess it's similar to a Hutt versus Rimutaka club game in Wellington. They're pretty vocal and hostile there, too.


"But you want to travel and experience this kind of stuff. Obviously we have to deal with it so we want to start well and not quite take the crowd out of but ... it will be good spectacle."

Asked about his lack of social media activity on twitter, Jane said: "I lost my phone. First night here. It's tough being without it. I can handle not tweeting but it's like losing an arm or something when you lose your phone. Hopefully one has been sent over on a plane heading here now so I hope to get it tonight."

Many of the Argentine press corp, however, didn't get him.

* Patrick McKendry flew to Argentina courtesy of LAN Airlines (