It's not getting much traction with the public, the NZRU aren't overly keen, and now it appears some players are hesitant of taking part the upcoming North-South game in Dunedin.

The teams for the match are yet to be named, but selection will be based on Super Rugby franchise, rather than home province.

That means a player like Southland's Robbie Robinson will turn out for the North, which he says doesn't seem right.

"It will be pretty weird but I haven't thought about it as much as others because I've been injured over the last, almost two months now, so it hasn't really crossed my mind."


Robinson's also hesitant because of a lingering calf injury.

"Either way I still want to get my injury a hundred (per cent) before I start playing any other games apart from the Chiefs really."

Robinson and his flatmates believe basing the teams on where you played first 15 rugby might be an option, should the game be played again in the future.