They won another Grand Slam and Dan Carter broke a world record but some alarm bells were ringing in Cardiff says former All Black Josh Kronfeld.

It's been a long season and it showed in Cardiff today. Across the board the All Blacks looked tired which is expected and it made it frustrating to watch,

The structure of the game was too scrappy and below standard to what the All Blacks produced earlier on tour.

Part of that was down to how the Welsh played. They got involved and were being niggly, disruptive and aggressive and it took us a while to adjust to their style. We kept plugging away and eventually by the 60 minute mark they were spent and the All Blacks took control.

Jerome Kaino had an incredible game and was involved in everything. A real pleasure to watch. Smashing guys, turning over the ball, running with the ball in hand. He had an incredible workload and it's great to see what he is capable of when he's focused and involved.

But it showed how much the All Blacks rely on Dan Carter and that they need him to stay at the top of his game. He had an off night with the boot and suddenly the Welsh were within one point of taking the lead. That has to be a bit worrying.

If Carter is not playing well in a World Cup final, is that a scary thought? That's what we're all thinking now in terms of where rugby is heading, all eyes are on the World Cup. Where we have to be and what we have to do. And the fact points were getting left on the field due to his wayward kicking is a worry. Better teams may have made the most of that.

Sonny Bill Williams also had a quiet game, the first of which in the black jersey, but that goes down to how the All Blacks used him. If you're going to have someone like Sonny you've got to run plays to allow him to do what he does and I don't know if we've worked out how to do that just yet.

As next year rolls around and the Super 15 begins he'll be playing at a high level of rugby where people will see him week-in week-out, and will give him to chance to work out how's he's going to be useful. He's a new face to the game and I think playing outside Carter for the Crusaders will grow and build their relationship which could be vital in the latter stages of next year.

It was good to see our outside backs playing well again, mixing it up and showing some great finishing touches. Hosea Gear yet again proving that he should have been in this side a few years ago. It's difficult when you play well and not being given a chance, but he was handed the opportunity on this tour and he has been very solid.

It was also good to see Isaia Toeava have a good game after his initial start on the tour. It's just nice when you're under a lot of pressure from the media, and people asking questions of your game, to go out play a strong game.

Despite some negative play by the Welsh the All Blacks worked around it, created a structure and by the 60th minute put their foot on the gas and the home side couldn't keep up.

Only one defeat makes it a pretty impressive season but how many yet again the All Blacks are peaking a year out from the World Cup.

The coaches will know that, the players will know that and it will be in the back of their minds come next year. I think there's no point dwelling on how well they've done this season.

We've done it, it's over now, let's look ahead to the Super 15 and everyone retain their form. There's nothing else they should be focusing on but the World Cup from here on.

Josh Kronfeld was talking to sports editor Cameron McMillan.

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