England coach Fabio Capell' />

"I was a bit surprised. I thought it was like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize after eight months as President."

England coach Fabio Capello wonders if David Beckham did enough to be named man of the match after playing just 30 minutes against Belarus.

"[Benji Marshall] is a great player and he's only a small bloke, so we're going to look to run our forwards at him."

Kangaroos centre Justin Hodges reveals the rocket science behind Sunday morning's gameplan.

"I lost sight of the official ball and stayed on the red one. I went for the red ball instinctively as it was the closest to me and the other went past me."

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina on world soccer's most famous beach ball.

"You have to say he was right on the spot and kept up with play well."

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes praises Alan Wiley's handling of his side's match against Wigan. Wiley was the referee Sir Alex Ferguson accused of being too unfit.

"The possibility for the players of moving outside of the hotel boundaries should be kept to a minimum. Otherwise there must be a full escort: armed security guards and bullet-proof vests for the players."

The German soccer team's security boss Guenter Schnelle scratches the social plans for next year's World Cup in South Africa.

"In 2005 England deserved to win because they were the better side. In 2009 I don't think England were the better side. We had six of the top seven run-getters and four of the top five bowlers."

Aussie cricket great Shane Warne on where it all went wrong and how the Poms didn't deserve to win.