Paul Smalley says he fears for the future of the coaching structure he was charged with implementing for New Zealand Soccer (NZS) and his own future within the game.

Smalley was appointed New Zealand Soccer's director of football in 2002 from England, where he played over 200 games as a professional at Notts County and Leeds United and other clubs before working in the English FA's technical department.

NZS chief executive Graham Seatter and Smalley met on Friday, after which Seatter declined to comment on Smalley's future saying: "HR [human resources] matters are sensitive. We had a conversation about a proposed new structure."

Smalley said: "I have concerns about my future and the game. Late last year the NZS board approved the present structure of the technical department and the strategies and objectives. I was part of that brief with the understanding I would head the initiative for at least a year."

A key part of that programme was the employment of seven federation coaches under the Coach Force strategy. Among those appointed to those roles were high-profile players/coaches Che Bunce, Keith Mackay and Maurice Tillotson.

The seven coaches were contracted for three years under funding generated by former chief executive Bill MacGowan through Sparc and the Southern Trust - who sponsored the old national league.

On Friday, after their meeting, Seatter, who goes to Tahiti tomorrow and then to London before spending a month in Europe, said: "Things will progress on Monday and Tuesday and while I'm away".

Smalley is not expecting to be part of any discussions today and is unsure of just what the future holds.