We all marvel at the front' />

With all the pressures of family life and work today it's often hard to find time to fish different areas of the coast.

We all marvel at the front covers of magazines showing people holding up huge kingfish, bass and marlin wishing that it was us in the shot. All too often these fish are outside the range of a small boat or the angler's skill to land it, if they were lucky enough to get the chance.

Chartering a boat is probably the best way to learn the skills of where to find fish, what rig to use and how to play the fish. A good skipper will also be only too happy to explain what he is looking for on the sounder and how he will go about finding the fish and getting the boat in the best position.

What you will learn in a few days on board a charter boat could save you years of frustration and hard knocks and give you the skills to maximise your precious time when you do get out on the water.

One of the best charter boats that I have fished from is Rick Pollock's Pursuit, based in Whakatane, fishing White Island and the East Coast. In mid to late summer Pursuit heads north as far as the Three Kings following the gamefish.

Rick Pollock's knowledge is second to none and while his experienced deckie is assisting the anglers with rigging, baiting or setting lures, he is scanning the horizon and bottom for fish.

What I love about being on board Pursuit is that it takes away the constant thinking about weather, where to look for fish and the running of the boat.

Every trip I go out on Pursuit I learn new tricks and tips and am building up knowledge of how to target different fish species in different depths of water and geographical areas.

New Zealand charter boats are of a high standard and very good value for money. When you put a team of friends together the cost is not a lot more than you would pay for a top motel. If learning how to catch a kingfish, hapuka or marlin is your goal in life, just do it.