Strange names


"I worked at a company in the UK with a Bob Sherunkle AND I had a teacher in school called Eileen Forward."


"I was at university with someone called Dawn Moment."



"I knew a teacher called Miss Iles."


"There was a league player from imaginative parents who was named Dougal McDougal."

When to look for a new doctor

"I had repeatedly gone to my GP about this nagging pain in my arm. He did some blood work to check for a vitamin deficiency and sent me for an x-ray which didn't show anything. He then decided my pain must be because I was 'an anxious female'. On my last visit I mentioned I had also been struggling with breathing properly and had some chest pain and was starting to get quite concerned. He said 'you're just anxious, but what do you have to be anxious about? You have a husband with a good job', and sent me on my way with a prescription for anti-depressants. Two days later I was in Accident and Emergency being diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and now I have a new doctor."

Did you know...

1. In 1994, in an attempt to ban raves, the UK passed a law banning public performance of music "wholly or predominantly characterized by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats." In response, the electronic band Autechre issued a track, Flutter, in which no two bars have the same beat.

2. A Canadian man once attempted to board a cruise ship by bungee jumping off the Lions Gate Bridge at the entrance to Vancouver harbour as it sailed below. He miscalculated the speed and suffered minor head injuries when he bounced off the ship's tennis court, volleyball net and a deck railing before being left dangling in mid-air as the ship sailed away.

Delighted capsicum

"Meanwhile, my capsicum was just so happy to join with my pizza ingredients," writes Jesse.

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